'The Green Man' is most commonly represented as a face surrounded by leaves, or with vegetation sprouting from the nose, mouth and head. Sometimes the face is composed entirely from leaves and foliage. Green Men are used as decorative architectural features, usually representing fertility and the regenerative cycle of the seasons.

I am interested in reinterpreting ‘The Green Man’ as symbol of the city of Stoke-on-Trent at this point in time; a motif that not only represents a sense of regeneration and renewal but one that could also be used to bring about changes, by highlighting what is effectively public artwork that already exists.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

End of Residency day Sat 14th Aug- Kate Lynch Exploring The Green Men of Stoke

To celebrate the end of my residency here at SHOP I am giving away 25 limited edition Green Man themed multiples.

Come along to SHOP today for your last chance to create your own Green Man, follow the Green Man trail in Stoke town and Pick up your FREE artist multiple.

I am giving away plantable Green Men made from seeded paper. The images featured on the paper circles have been created by me and the public during workshop sessions (chosen images can be seen below). Was your Green Man selected to appear on the plantable paper circles?

Once you have been in and received your free plantable Green Man, plant him and watch your hope for the city grow, bloom and flourish.

Write your hope for the city, or a personal wish, on the blank side of the paper circle.
Plant the Green Man circle in a pot, or directly into soil outdoors. Cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist until seedlings are established.

The paper will bloom when planted and looked after
Perhaps The Green Man can help your wish to come true using his regenerative powers.

After Saturday the limited edition multiples will be on sale for £2 each from SHOP

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